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U-Pick and Fresh Gathered 

Organic Produce, Sunflowers, Zinnias and More
Our spring/fall season produce from our fields! This means it was grown using Organic Methods. We have been growing in all our fields this way for over 16 years now! We are proud to be able to bring you this level of quality year after year. Thank you for helping support local farms! 

At our farm we know u-pick isn't for everyone. So we try to keep a great variety stocked in our Harvest barn during your visit. Please keep in mind though availability is always dictated by what our fields are providing and we can sell out of items from the start of a day to the end of day

ALSO PLEASE REMEMBER WE ONLY ALLOW PICKING FROM PLANTS LOCATED IN ASSIGNED PICKING AREAS..where our garden attendants assist and assign cutters and baskets. THANKS!

Gathered Produce Barn and U-pick will only be open to ticket holding event guests.

Currently Gathering From Our Fields (last updated 5/09/24)- Sunflowers, Squash, Zucchini, Peppers and Cucumbers 

(Gathered Produce availability can vary from one day to next depending on how much gets picked or purchased the day before)

Currently U-picking (last updated 05/09/24)-  Sunflowers, Zinnias, Squash and Zucchini

(U-pick and Gathered Produce availability can vary from one day to next depending on how much gets picked or purchased the day before)

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and we will keep you up to date on all events and produce at the farm.

standing together in a sea of flowers

Gathered In The Harvest Barn

Organically grown and straight from our fields. Some of our crops are more appropriate for us to gather. You will find those along with fresh flower bouquets and some of our crops that are also available in u-pick just incase u-pick isn't your thing. 


U-pick Veggies

Gathering the freshest foods! Kids and Adults both love to be connected to their food. It is amazing how veggies taste so much better fresh from the field. You will find you like things you didn't like from the grocery store.

sunflower and white zinnias.jpg

U-pick Flowers

Gathering flowers is always great! Flowers in your home will bring positive energy, beauty and remind you of all the fun and memories you made during your visit. They really are special!

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