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Sunflowers! A Sunflower Maze and Farm Fun For All Ages

Get lost in this year's Sunflower Maze! Visit with the Farm Animals. Experience the joy in our U-pick Fields. Take a Hay Ride, enjoy the Fun Activities and Make Memories!

Our Spring Event is one you want to attend!


There are so many beautiful gardens during Spring season


Find your Way 

A living labyrinth of sunflowers. Every season is a fun new design with beautiful challenging paths and fun agriculture questions. There is something about it you just don't want to miss.


2025 Sunflower Season event

Get ready for one heck of a season! Our HUGE Sunflower Maze is A-mazing! Enjoy all Beautiful gardens throughout our farm, the fun activities, visit with all the animals, take a relaxing hayride, pick up some fresh gathered produce and flowers or head out into the u-pick fields for a hands on experience. Be sure to bring your camera to capture all the fun. Gather up your friends and family its time to embrace the beauty out on the farm and make memories that will last a lifetime! 

Guess who is being featured in this Spring's maze design When challenging yourself in this season's fun design.. You will be traveling the towering sunflower paths through our sweet little fluffy cow design "Cannoli". Be sure to stop by after to visit with and congratulate our cutie Cannoli on turning into a 1year old this year. She is one A-moo-zing little girl. 

Included in your admission: The Sunflower Maze, Access to the Beautiful gardens and u-pick areas, Visit the Farm Animals, The Free Craft of The Season, The Hayride, Pitcher Pump Duck Race,  Swings, Tree House Play Area, Peddle Tractors, The Tumble Weed Rollers And More

What to bring extra cash for:
Fresh Flowers (gathered and u-pick when available) Veggie Launcher, Paint Craft, Produce(gathered and u-pick when available), Food and Drinks

Online tickets are 11.95 + tax and service fee.

Tickets at Farm when available are $14.00.


Friday 04/26/2024 Opens 10:00 AM - Closes promptly at 2:00 PM

Saturday 04/27/2024 Opens 10:00 AM - Closes promptly at 4:00 PM

Sunday 04/28/2024 Opens 10:00 AM - Closes promptly at 4:00 PM

Friday 05/03/2024 Opens 10:00 AM - Closes promptly at 2:00 PM

Saturday 05/04/2024 Opens 10:00 AM - Closes promptly at 4:00 PM

Sunday 05/05/2024 Opens 10:00 AM - Closes promptly at 4:00 PM

Monday 05/06/2024 Opens 10:00 AM - Closes promptly at 2:00 PM

Friday 05/10/2024 Opens 10:00 AM - Closes promptly at 2:00 PM

Saturday 05/11/2024 Opens 10:00 AM - Closes promptly at 4:00 PM

Sunday 05/12/2024 Opens 10:00 AM - Closes promptly at 4:00 PM

Saturday 05/18/2024 Opens 10:00 AM - Closes promptly at 4:00 PM

Sunday 05/19/2024 Opens 10:00 AM - Closes promptly at 4:00 PM

Saturday 05/25/2024 Opens 10:00 AM - Closes promptly at 4:00 PM

Sunday 5/26/2024 Opens 10:00 AM - Closes promptly at 4:00 PM

Monday 05/27/2024 Opens 10:00 AM - Closes promptly at 2:00 PM


* We are an outside activity and are subject to closing if weather is severe. Please keep this in mind when coming out as we do not offer rain checks or refunds on admission.



  • Heyman Kettle corn (popping kettle corn)-Joining us !

  • Pop Fusion Popsicles (serving gourmet popsicles)-Joining us !

  • Strong Tower Winery  (serving their wonderful local made wines!) -joining us weekends

  • Nina's Wood Fire Pizza  (Pizza straight out of the fire) -joining us all dates !

What is a Sunflower Maze?

t2024's Fun Maze design

You traveled the paths through "Cannoli" our adorable fluffy cow.

What Will 2025's Design Be?...We Can't Wait To Share It. 

2024 sunflower maze design
looking into the towering flowers

Sunflower Season Event 
Get Your Tickets Here When Released

  What is it…A sunflower maze is a living labyrinth. Much like a corn maze only made of sunflowers. You will enter at a starting point and make your way through the paths in search of the exit. Throughout most of the maze our sunflower crop is are anywhere from eight to ten feet tall providing a whimsical journey for all ages.

We are asked a lot "When is a good time to come?". Spring Season with us is like a step back in time. A time when crowds were low and hospitality is high. When you can spread out a blanket for a picnic or sit back enjoy your family and friends, take in the fresh air, the adorable farm animals and all the beauty the farm offers. Our Sunflower crop is AMAZING! Going through so many different phases during season. Our Sunflowers start out "Lush And Green" at the beginning of season with blooms usually just starting to appear here and there on boarders and in gardens. This is when the challenge of the maze is at it's best. the thick "Lush And Green" is difficult to see through and creates a great labyrinth. As our plants mature more flowers start to appear. We like to describe the next time frame "Scattered Blooms". This is when you have pops of the vibrant yellow flowers sporadically through the field. This is a beautiful time and still has a lot of that lush green that the prior stage gives you. This allows for both a great maze challenge and the chance to see some towering flowers. Farmer Lisa 's Favorite is How you have the beautiful green heart shaped leaves still present and get to experience the contrast of the yellow bursting in the field. Next we come to what we call "Blooming" in the field. Flowers do not all open up and mature all together.  So when we reach "Blooming" plants are mature to the point that the plants main focus is on the flower portion of the plant. This means a lot of the lush green contrast is lost as leaves start to drop and yellow.  Young flowers will be plentiful and accompanied  older flowers that are starting to drop their heads and produce seed. Our field of flowers is not designed to all bloom at the same time. This allows a better expression of stages and a longer opportunity for viewing.


The truth is there is never a bad time to experience the field during spring except when it is over! As it undergoes it's beautiful life cycle it bring through amazing butterflies, birds and memorable experiences. We do our best to predict the time our crop needs to make it through it's life cycle. But Mother Nature is truly in charge. We have had past years that bad weather has caused our field to end early. Be sure not to procrastinate your visit or you could miss this great experience.

There is so much to be discovered as you wonder your way through and so many wonderful moments to photograph (so don't forget your camera). Let the beauty of our garden take your breath away. We can't wait for you to see this year's design.

Our field is at the mercy of Mother Nature. We have only an idea of when blooms will start and end or how weather will affect our field. We recommend you not procrastinate your visit to insure you have a wonderful experience. It is unfortunate but true that with every storm that occurs during our bloom cycle damage will occur in the field.

a living labyrinth
Because more really is better in this case
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