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Your Sweetfields Farmers

Our Family Farm

Sweetfields Is Filled With Love, Passion Creativity And Lots Of Hard Work

 Our passion to respect our health and our environment has led us down an “Organic” path. After all, our family lives, plays and eats from the land we grow from. Farming sustainably and responsibly we work to bring you the freshest healthiest crops. Organic doesn't just taste amazing it looks A-mazing too! 

It is important to us to bring back the connection to local agriculture and allow you to know your farmer. So we are not just growing some of the best quality produce and flowers around but are growing high quality memories for all our visitors that immerse themselves in our maze fields, crops, and activities


We feel strongly about our kids and know you feel the same about yours. They are our future. This is why we feel it so important to do our part with educating. We work to make learning fun. Everyone should have the opportunity to support and experience local agriculture. There is so much more to our food than what we can experience at the grocery store. Without farmers there would be no food!

Our farm allows you to not only see the crops growing, choose from produce or flowers gathered that same day or pick your own straight off the plant, but also leave our fields knowing that “it doesn’t get fresher than this”. Fresh produce tastes better and is better for you! We hope we get the chance to see you out at our farm and share a taste of our fields with you.

Farming is a modest lifestyle that tests your patience on a daily basis. It is filled with manual labor, long hours, stinky smelly days and sleepless nights filled with worry. Our reward: A beautiful health crop we can be proud of, our smiling happy customers, the experiences we share together, the knowledge we share with all the kids that come out to visit.


We do what we love and love what we do!

I Love My Farmer

I Love My Farmer



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Farmer Lisa


Farmer Ted

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